Week 5 Mle Assignment Essay

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Electronic Health
Records in the
Physician Office

Patient Flow in the Physician Practice
Step 1. Pre-Visit: Appointment Scheduling and Information Collection
Step 2. Patient Check-in and Payment Collection
Step 3. Rooming and Measuring Vital Signs
Patient Examination and Documentation
Step 4. Patient Checkout
Step 5. Post-Visit: Coding and Billing
Post-Visit: Reviewing Test Results
Coding and Reimbursement in Electronic Health Records
Computer-Assisted Coding
Clinical Tools in the Electronic Health Record
Decision-Support Tools
Tracking and Monitoring Patient Care
Screening for Illness or Disease
Identifying at-Risk Patients
Managing Patients with Chronic Diseases
Improving the Quality and Safety of Patient Care with
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Understand how electronic documentation leads to more timely reimbursement for the practice.



Understand how clinical tools, a feature of EHRs, assist physicians in making medical decisions and managing patients with chronic diseases.


Why This Chapter
Is Important to You

Understand how using EHR tools to monitor patients’ compliance with recommended wellness guidelines can improve the quality of patient care.

The transition from paper records to electronic health records (EHRs) represents a fundamental change in the way a physician office operates and interacts with patients. Everyone who works in the office, whether in a clinical or an administrative position, in the front office or the back office, will have to learn a new way of doing things. All tasks related to providing health care to patients will be entered, stored, and maintained in a computer-based EHR. Consider how a few common tasks are different in an office that has fully implemented an EHR:

V There is no need to pull a patient’s chart the day before an appointment. All the information that was stored on the paper chart is in the computer and can be accessed instantly.

V There is no need to print a superbill for a patient on the day of the appointment. The provider will document the office visit in the computer, which will generate preliminary codes based on the electronic documentation. Chapter 3 Electronic Health Records in the Physician Office

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