Wedding Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Ding-dong! “Sophie! Your mom is here to pick you up!”Katie’s mom announced as soon as my mother reached the front door of Katie’s house. I couldn’t believe it. My heart pounded heavily inside my chest. I didn’t want to think about what was coming next. My best friend is going to leave for good! I didn’t even want to believe the things that were happening. My cheeks were rosy. I held on tightly to the memories Katie and I had. I will never get over this! I told myself as I moved my feet closer and closer to the front door. Unfortunately, the sleepover was over, breakfast was over, and my mom’s car was parked in the driveway of Katie’s house. Katie and I looked at each other in despair. We both marched upstairs without saying one word. I slowly arrived at the door of Katie’s room. Quickly, I packed up all of my things. While I packed up, Katie would look at me, and I would look back at her. We both kept thinking about how we might never see each other again.

Quickly, I looked around everywhere inside Katie’s house, remembering all the hilarious things that happened in her living room, and all the creative crafts in the kitchen. For example, we would do gymnastics in her living room, and we would always sit down by her black marble countertop, and eat chicken nuggets for dinner almost every single time I would come over to Katie’s house. It all felt like it flew past me like an airplane just yesterday.
“Yesterday.” I whispered under my breath. But yesterday was gone. My…

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