Web Browser : A Special Program Designed For Viewing Websites

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Web browser is a special program designed for viewing websites. It works via http requests to the server and receiving from it the information that is processed by a special approved standards and thus formed a web page.

A brief history of the browser
The very first browser within graphic interface is NCSA by company Mosaic. However, despite the fact that it is a pioneer in the field of browsers, the Mosaic development was discontinued in 1997 due to market losses. These problems begun when some employees of the NCSA moved to Netscape company and started development of a new and more advanced browser - Netscape Navigator. New browser was supposed to provide support for better standards and be much easier to use. In the same time Microsoft based open source of the first graphical browser Mosaic quickly gathered their own new browser - Interner Explorer. They turned it into a binding update to its Windows operating system 95. From now on every Windows user has been virtually deprived of choice. Stunning monopoly is a secret of the success of Internet Explorer. The brainchild of Microsoft quickly captured a niche and was about 95% of the market. In this regard, Netscape was forced to close its project. However, during that period of time they have taken quite the right decision, and it published the code under a free license MPL (which stands for Mozilla public License). It was a great contribution to the fight against Internet Explorer monopoly. New project Mozilla Firefox…

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