Weakness, Opportunities And Threats Of The Amazon: SWOT Analysis Of Amazon

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E-commerce has become today an integral part of people 's lives, as they have become an important tributary of generating a lot of profit for the companies. These companies have a lot of pros to help them control of the e-commerce market. Also, these companies have a lot of obstacles that may prevent them today or in the future to achieve greater profits and get more customers. Amazon companies offering e-commerce since 1995, making this the oldest company in this area. In the analysis, we will give a brief look at the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and on Threats.
Amazon is one of the oldest companies in e-commerce. The company knocked on the throne of e-commerce companies as eBay and Alibaba. It was initially
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The company has recently begun to expand in Britain. Middle East countries and the third world countries are in need to a site like Amazon for retail. Amazon customers are always looking for new products and technologies, but they do not find it available. Therefore, it is the opportunity for the company that to make a lot of strategic partnerships, which will help them to get new products and technologies that are commensurate with the expectations of customers. We cab notice that the sellers on the site are manufacturing their own brand in China. So it’s an interest chance to the company to own its brand with high quality from China, according to and to be on the American standard. Making their brand in China will help the company to get more profits, create competition, and to have a bigger market share. In addition, the company has an opportunity available for the amendments to the payment system. The payment system in the Amazon for vendors who want to get their money back depends on the bank transfer which is complicated and takes approximately two weeks. Sellers are looking for solutions to this problem through direct conversion of bank cards that do not take more than 3 days. Also, the payment system and commissions for customers are expensive a little bit and the customers are looking to get a reduction in commissions. Amazon has to look at the opportunities that can make the company more

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