We Should Not Allow Assisted Suicide Essay

1046 Words Feb 26th, 2016 5 Pages
We should not allow assisted suicide there are major problems that go with it. The problems that are know is their is an increase in the suicide rate, the people that allow that are not in a right state of mind. The last one is that doctors make mistakes in diagnosing their patients. Also their is a message that we are sending out to teens and to the younger kids because we are saying it okay to kill your self.

The increase in the suicide rate in Oregon went up 32% because they allow it. The rate when up in Oregon 50% vs the 28% nationally. That is real sad it when up because they allowed ‘assisted’ suicide to be legal. Some of the people will recover from their terminal illness with the right treatment when they are condiment to death. If it allow it then the people that will live most likely will end their life because their doctor will say they only have so long to live and they do not want their family to suffer while their going through it. The family can influence the person. It is easy to change you thought in a slept second. The rate that ‘assisted’ suicide has go up is shocking and it is scary though. Young teens may go to their doctor because they are not happy with their life so using the patient confidentiality. Let say that you have a teen that went to their doctor. To have ‘assisted’ suicides done to them because they are not happy with how their life is going on. These is one of the things that would happen. At first it will just be for terminal illness…

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