Essay on We Must Stop The Car Stop For The Nearest Truck Stop

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Before handle the above cases, Please read this scripture Proverbs 29:14.

On November 10th 2016, approximately a mile to exit 31 when I noticed some thing went off my dash lights. I made plan to pull in to the nearest truck stop, which is located at the exit 31 approximately a mile from the exit.
Just before the exit, Sgt Alen Moore pulled me over and indicated that the trailer lights was out.
I told him that I had lights on the trailer, but I’ve notice something went out of my dash, it must be a fuse and I’m pulling off at the truck stop on exit 31 to check the fuses.

He didn’t even tkink twice of writing a ticket, and told me to go. A concerned officer who supposed to be serve and protect does not just wrote a ticket and tells me to go with a trailer without lights, he would have making sure that that get to the truck stop safely and then carry on with his journey. Again, since it really not about safety, no one cares.
Since it was after midnight, no one was available at that exit to help I stayed there overnight untill the next morning.
About 6:30 am I located the bad fuse and I was informed by another traveler, that there is a mechanic shop on exit 29, so I left the truck stop on exit 31 and pursuing to exit 29.
Just before exit 29, another girl cop pulled me over. (Unforetunately, her hand writing is not to clear on the ticket I can’t tell her name but badge # 21). I pulled out the ticket from Alen Moore and explained to her that I already got a ticket from Alen…

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