We Must Save Our Planet Earth Essay

1497 Words Sep 24th, 2015 null Page
We need to learn to Recycle We the citizens of this planet need to learn to take care of our planet, we produce too much garbage that we need to reduce it as soon as possible. Also we don’t recycle enough our own garbage, we need to learn to recycle and give more excuses like “I don’t have the space or time to recycle” is our planet and we need to take care of it for our kids, and grandkids, think about the future generations. The population in our planet earth is growing and based on the scientists research we will not be shrinking in the by the near future and we will grow even more than expected, and with this in mind we us humans produce more garbage and waste but we don’t have any space to disappear so much garbage of the world. The trash is considered as waste and needs to be removed, also litter is the product of human activity and it’s considered unusable or useless, repugnant to any human being. As humans can we consider the option to incinerate all the garbage of a country? What are the other option to get rid of the garbage besides incinerate, or reuse all the garbage? Can we recycle some of the same garbage we produce? How can we help our planet especially with the global warming problem? We humans produce more than 600 times our own weight in garbage and we will fill out two or more trucks with waste.
Why is so important to recycle, because we have to understand that if we do not recycle all the landfills will be polluted, landfills look repugnant, smell…

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