We Make More Cycling Good For Road Safety Essay

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Fred Wegman, author of “How to Make More Cycling Good for Road Safety” claims that there are ways to make cycling safer and more popular with technology and government participation. This source reads, “Bicycle facilities (bicycle lanes and bicycle paths) on road segments of roads where cars can drive relatively fast (>50 km/h) reduce risks for cyclists (SWOV, 2008). Also, cyclists benefits of traffic calming measures, reducing the speed of motorized traffic to less than 30 km/h.” Road safety is a very important issue because depending on the motorists and cyclists communication, various factors can determine whether someone gets injured or dies. Also, “There is strong evidence that well-designed bicycle facilities—physically separated networks—reduce risks for cyclists, and therefore have an impact on the net safety result, for example if car-kilometres are substituted by bicycle kilometres”. There are many solutions that the government can implement through policies and laws to prevent an increase in deaths on the road.
There are more paths to take to decrease the amount of deaths on the road. One thing that compares with governmental policy is the rise of new technology. In Chattanooga, Tennessee which provides concrete evidence of distance between a cyclist and vehicle. According to J.B. Wogan, states across North America have created laws to help cyclists, but need more than just a new law. For example, the radar device that is being used in Chattanooga, Tennessee…

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