Essay On Railroad Crossing

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There are many parts to railroad crossings, and how to use them safely. When you are driving and you see a railroad crossing, the first step to do is slowing down, and paying very close attention. If there isn't a train crossing and the lights are not flashing, continue through with caution, and be serious. You need to always remember there could be a train at any time.
In any area near a railroad track crossing, remember to turn down any sound so you can look and listen. If there is lights flashing and the barriers blocking your way, be very alert and come to a good stop. From the nearest rail you must be around 10 to 15 feet away when stopping.
Especially at night you should always double check even if there is no flashing lights before
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If you have troubles crossing and your car stalls, you can't be trapped on the railroad, so immediately evacuate. When you have a evacuated you need to tell authorities after you run towards the train at an angle away from the train for safety. It's important to never miss judge speeds or distance, in these areas it is key to be patient. Buses and trucks are required to stop and there can also be more than one train. Especially at nighttime, be extra cautious and use your car lights. The light rail trains in Salt Lake City are specifically very fast, so don't ever try to beat the trains.
Not just cars but pedestrians walking or jogging and bikers on railroad tracks can be harmful in these areas. People always need to remember that it's their choice what to do in these areas, so listen and be alert. Unlike cars, trains cannot swerve or move out of the way to avoid a collision. Like stated earlier, trains go faster than they appear. It takes about a mile for a train, going the usual 79 mph, to stop. Not only this, the train cars are very extremely heavy.
Texting, cell phones and headphones in today's society are huge impacts when it comes to not paying attention. Always hear and see the train coming. In many cases trains can go in

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