We Belong Together By Mariah Carey And Let Me Love You Essay

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Some say music is the key to the soul, and the way music is turning in recent years many believe it is making a turn for the worse. Ten years ago with songs like, “We belong together” by Mariah Carey and “Let me love you” by Mario showed more thought and substance when it came to the concept of love and intimacy. The songs created in past years showed more conservation and used clever metaphors to insinuate sexual relations, rather than blatantly stating it. In more recent years, with songs like “No role Modelz” by J. Cole and “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap it is shown that although the song may not be about relationships and sexual relations in its entirety, but always has a reference or explicitly states one of the two concepts throughout the song. The biggest difference between music then and music in more recent years is that music in more recent years is more about a catchy hook and a nice instrumental, the content of the song could have no meaning as long as it contains those two elements. Whereas, songs in recent years would contain more.
Within my top ten songs a lyric by Eminem comes to mind when thinking about songs and lyrics that contain the emotional component of relationships. In his song ‘Space Bound”, the most profound line that he says within the song says “I 'll do whatever it takes, When I 'm with you I get the shakes, My body aches when I ain 't, With you I have zero strength, There 's no limit on how far I would go, No boundaries, no lengths”. This line…

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