We All Fall Down And The Movie The World Trade Center Essay

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Warm welcomes, to all that are reading and or listing to this essay. The topic on this essay is none other than the difference between the novel “We All Fall Down “ and the movie “The World Trade Center”. In this essay I will state what is both the similar and different aspects about them. Also I will state my opinion on which is better. But enough delaying so let us begin with what the similar aspects are.

Back in 2001 during the month of September in third week of the month on a Tuesday morning is when the book and movie are dated to take place on. Of course both the book and movie take place in the Twin Towers where everything that happened was completely unexpected and no one had any clue of it. The Twin Towers were located in New York, USA with over 2700 deaths on that tragic day. Interesting fact did you know that both the book and movie had the main character or protagonist named “Will” and “John” so if you did not know that well know you do. Both main characters had attempted to rescue people that were either trapped or just to scared to move and run away. In both the book and the movie the main characters survive but also a character from both gets a broken leg as an injury from the attack on the Twin Towers. “John” was a higher ranked person who was very important in both the book and the movie. “Will” and “John” both bonded throughout the story and grew an emotional space or bond between them now currently highly respecting each other. Both the Creator of the…

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