Pollution Is A Major World Issue In The 1850's

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Bryan Mai
Period 3

Preventing Pollution
Pollution is a major world issue that has affected many people the 1850’s. Since pollution is such a big problem for the world, states have started thinking about making a law where everyone has to reduce pollution. If pollution is so bad to the point where people are dying, why won’t people stop polluting? Pollution came to be because people have grown greedy and selfish, not caring for the world and not thinking about the consequences of their decisions. People should stop pollution before it’s too late to prevent it.
Pollution contains many toxic chemicals, which goes in water and plants. Animals eat and drink the food which contains chemicals. Then humans eat the animals, making
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Fact 1 in my own 5-8 words: Pollution is badly affecting the world(Carlos81298)
My explanation of this fact: Pollution is a very serious major world issue that many people throughout history has had problems with. Pollution contributes to other problems to such as greenhouse effect. Scientist predict the world will end because of population. Since we know the world is dying, people should start preventing this disaster.
Evidence from the source that supports this fact:”40% of America’s rivers and 46%of America’s lakes are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life”.

Fact 2 in my own 5-8 words: Air pollution will make it hard to breath(Pollution Solutions Contributors)
My explanation of this fact: Since air pollution is happening, it will make the oxygen in the atmosphere worst. The carbon dioxide emitting from cars and factories will melt ice caps, killing off many animals and it will also kill off agriculture. Many countries in Asia has been breathing in the effects of air pollution already, and many more countries will join the disaster if the pollution doesn’t
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