Essay about Water Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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Water Pollution All around the world, many plants, animals and people are dying because of poor water conditions. On top of that, many ecosystems, both land and aquatic are being destroyed by the dumping of toxic materials. Fresh water is already very limited in the world today without pollutants included in it. More than half the developing world does not fresh, clean water to drink. Water pollution shrinks the amount of clean drinking water for everyone. Aquatic life is also being majorly affected by the pollutants in the water. Once it gets into one organism, it will get into most others in the food chain. Water pollution is extremely harmful to the environment, drinking water and all forms aquatic life.

Water pollution poses a major threat to the environment by damaging both land and aquatic ecosystems. Oil spills are only to blame for 12 percent of oil going into the ocean every year. While 36 percent comes down drains and rivers from cities and industry. Oil spills are usually the first thing blamed when it comes to water pollution. However, most of it comes from people and industries being destructive and not careful when disposing of oil and other chemicals. For example, an article by Joseph Orlins and Anne Wehrly tells the story of the Love Channel. The land across from the Love Channel was used as a landfill for toxic chemicals and waste products. It was covered and a school and neighborhoods were built on the land. Many years later toxic groundwater…

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