Water Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essays

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In today 's world billions of people do not have access to the clean water they need. They either have to traveled miles to get clean water or they have to settle for the unsafe water. Water is polluted daily. There is a island made from trash in the pacific ocean and each day it continues to grow. Communities of people die each year for dought, life that could otherwise be saved if only they had access to water. It is possible to stop all these deaths from occurring altogether and to save billions of people from needless deaths.
The solution is clear, we must drain all the water from every possible sources and store it tanks. Drain the rivers, drain the creeks drain the lakes drain the ocean. extract moisture from the air. It is clear that most of the population cannot be responsible for water which makes it clear that water needs to privatized and monopolized. That is the only way people can be assured the water they need.
With today 's modern technology trapping and storing water would extreaming simple. We just need to create tanks that can store the water we take from the earth. They need to be closed tops. The tanks don 't need to be too big because we want to spread these tanks across the word evenly so no one is without water. I suggest the small size of building tanks the size of the empire states building. Theses Empire tanks as I like to call them will be built all across the world, supplying water to the nearby population. To store the entire globes water we…

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