How Does Pollution Affect The Environment

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In today’s world there are many things that can damage the plant growth process. These things are called pollutants and they have many different forms. Pollutants can come from the exhaust, that gets release into the atmosphere from cars and it can eventually turn into acid rain or pollutants can come from oil spills and pollute the water. Road salt that is used to prevent icy roads can have harmful affects on plant growth. All of these factors and more can have their own affect and each could be problematic. Several articles have demonstrated and explained how each different pollutant can be harmful and where they come from. Just think, each of these things are present in everyday life, understanding where they come from, how they work, what …show more content…
Finding articles about this was a pretty easy task, each article has different parts that can be informative for our project.

Soil Pollution: This article was really beneficial for our group and our project in several different ways. It gives us several different ways that the soil can be polluted. For example, there is agricultural pollution, use of pesticides, leakage from sanitary systems, and other sources. With the knowledge from this article we have a better understanding of the way soil pollutants can harm the environment, animals, and humans. Making this personal connection, and understanding its harmful affects makes the project more meaningful for us. Also, for our project we need to have different types of pollutants to determine how each affect plant growth. From this article we
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It describes what the five things are and how they cause pollution. Then it goes over how these five different pollutants affect the soil. The five causes this article presents are: industrial activity, agricultural activity, waste disposal, oil spills, and acid rain. Industries such as the refineries pollute the air. Agricultural activity such as farmers using pesticides on the crops to get rid of animals can be harmful to different animals and humans who might breath the air around those areas. Waste disposal can cause large amounts of pollution. We have a perfect example of this right in Cahokia. There are giant landfills there that are constantly being dumped into. This cannot possibly be good for our environment! Like I stated earlier, accidental oil spills can be harmful. These killed plenty of fish by polluting the water they lived in. Acid rain will harm the crops that it falls on. All of this can give our group ideas about how we are going to go about creating pollutants for our crops. This research gives us different ideas about how plants are polluted so we can give the best examples for our

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