How Is Pollution Affecting Our Ocean

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14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean each year. Pollution is very damaging it's affects our ocean,air,soil,etc. So people should start thinking about pollution more than ever. We pollute and lot of things like we pollute our ocean 70% of the oxygen we breathe is from the the ocean and the ocean is losing oxygen because of humans polluting it. We also pollute the air 38.2 billion tons of CO2 is released into the air every year. We also pollute the soil which makes some food worse quality that it's should be.We pollute a lot of other things too put those our the worst types of pollution.Pollution is very damaging it's affect our ocean,air,soil,etc. So people should start thinking about pollution more than ever.

The Ocean is on of are main sources of life and still pollute it.The quality of the Ocean is going down for example according to National Geographic the ocean is losing oxygen and 70% of our oxygen comes from the ocean. We also only able to drink a small portion of the water only 2.5% to be exact the other 97.5% is undrinkable because of pollution according to National Geographic. It's note just the water being affected though according to do 100,000 sea animals die every year because of pollution. Pollution is damaging any way you but it's and people's need to start do something about it's.
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The biggest cause to soil pollution according to is toxic man-made chemicals going into the soil which worsen the quality of the soil. The Soil after getting contaminated by the toxic chemicals hinders it ability to absorb nutrients and water so when plants grow their the ree might note live than long and plenty more plants will die early. It's doesn't just affect plants it affects people as well because it's get harder to grow food. So remember when you hurt soil you're not just hurting the environment put you're also affecting

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