The Challenges Of Energy Security

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Energy security is a global issue. It can be defined as “The uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price” (Chester, 2010). Energy security is not limited to the mere availability of the energy resources, it is rather linked with the national security of any country. If a country has energy resources to serve the need of its citizens, it means country has more sustained and long term energy security for the technological as well as economic development. Energy security is not a very simple topic, it holds many dimensions. Long term energy security of any country is about timely investment on energy resources so as to remain self-sufficient for energy demand. This is indeed an inevitable for long term economic development. …show more content…
Volatile prices are avoided so as to ensure a sustained and likeable availability of energy for all.
How might the problem of energy security affect or be affected by other national security issues?
There are many reasons why the energy security is linked with the national security. Primary reason is that the whole economy of country is largely dependent on the energy resources, it is for the reason that large infrastructure runs on energy and this is almost irreversible. If the economy is hampered the national security is directly under a real threat obviously. Energy raw material or fossil fuels are not evenly distributed globally that makes national security of any country with such reserves of natural fossil fuels under a real threat. The resources are a real asset but for the other countries presence of such resources can be an invitation to come and invade that land, thus natural resources are asset but they can also be a threat for national security. Lastly the nuclear energy resources are also a real threat for the national security of other countries if they are not used appropriately. Energy security is

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