The Pros And Cons Of Solar Water Heaters

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Energy is an important resource and one of the driving forces behind economic progress. Energy becomes an inevitable component for economic development as also for improving and maintaining the quality of life. Recent developments in energy markets show that energy security concerns are becoming more acute. These include a tightened global energy supply/demand balance, soaring energy prices, growing geo-political risks, and the emerging tendency of nationalism. The world is facing a twin energy related threats, that of not having adequate and secured supplies of energy at affordable prices and of environmental harm caused by consuming too much of it. Soaring energy prices and recent geo-political events have reminded us of the essential role …show more content…
Reconciling the goals of energy security and environmental protection requires strong and co-ordinated government action and a favourable consumer attitude. G-8 leaders meeting with the leaders of several major developing countries and heads of international organizations including the International Energy Agency (IEA) at Gleneagles in July 2005 and at St. Petersburg in July 2006 called on the IEA to “advice on alternative energy scenarios and strategies aimed at a clean, clever, and competitive energy future.” This paper studies all the energy options, their pros and cons and suggests why solar energy should be used and it tries to investigate the significance of availability of Solar Water Heaters on the use of Solar Water …show more content…
Though Biomass is a renewable fuel its use can still contribute to global warming.

• Hydropower plants installed to generate electricity also create problems like human displacements and are damaging the ecosystem. Environment concerns about the effects of reservoirs may prohibit development of

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