Causes Of Environmental Pollution

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Environment pollution is an international concern since it affects the environment and public’s health. All citizens and animals around the world are affected by environment pollution because the earth is our home and we are the occupants. Human have the tendency to forget how harmful pollution is affect our everyday life. Therefore, they are unaware about the imminent consequence such as health related problems, global warming, deterioration of environment.
Environmental pollution is caused by a combination of air, land and water pollution which are contribute to global warming. According to National Park service, air pollution are materialize relate to gas and particle contamination that are present in earth’s atmosphere (NPS). Every entities
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It caused by several factor such as illegal disposing in natural surroundings, usage of pesticides on farming and exploit natural resources. When waste material or other toxic chemical are being dispose on landfill, then it will be bury into underground. Overtime, those waste materials will decompose then it will release the chemical of the decompose process into the ground. Those chemical will destroy the land and contamination the groundwater which is pumped out to use as drinking, agriculture and daily necessary of human. Human and animals are consumed foods and vegetables that we eat which they are grown in the polluted soil. It can also cause problems such as skin cancer and human breathing. Land pollution will disrupting the environment of other creature beside human who living on Earth as well. Trees and plants will help harmony the atmosphere, without them there are come with several concern regard global warming, erratic changing in weathers. There are several solution to help with the land pollution such as grown our own food without using pesticides and fertilizers. People need to learn not to litter on ground and adapt to an appropriate discard of …show more content…
Water will become sacred, luxury and price of unpolluted water will skyrocket. People will looking for other place to live in such as underwater or outer space, because living space are no longer safe with pile of trashes and toxic wastes lying around. There will be barely any sunlight avaialable because of the fog that has been create by excessive amount of carbon dioxide that have been release in the air. Already, China has become a good example for other countries to learn about air pollution. On December 7, 2015 Beijing has issue a red alert, a highest alarm, because of the thick blanket of smog covering the entire city. Officials are placing temporary restrictions that require school to be close, number of automobiles on alternate dates that depend on their license plate number and banning all activity that relate to fire include outdoor barbeque (Wong

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