Causes Of The War In The Iliad

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The war in the Iliad
Was there really a war between the Trojans and the Greeks? No one knows for certain, the Greeks believed 1000 years ago their ancestors took part in the Trojan wars. If the war did happen Homer the poet did not experience it himself. Homer lived somewhere between 850 and 750 B.C. the took place in the 12th century B.C.(web). Some people believed that these stories are old traditions that was passed down orally. However, Homer has been credited for being the first to write down the epic stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Homer private life has remained a mystery the only known fact about him is that he was blind. The stories are a combination of myth, legend and folktale. These stories involve myth for instance, supernatural
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The warfare started when the goddess Elis of discord(disagreement) was not invited to the wedding of Thetis and Pelus. The reason Elis was not invited was wherever the goddess was trouble follow arguments and fights would break out they did not want her to ruin the wedding. Insulted and furious Elis decided to spoil the party anyway by throwing a golden apple that reads “For the fairest” (web). An argument broke out among three goddesses: Hera supreme goddess of marriage and childbirth, Athena goddess of wisdom and intelligence and Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty. All three wanted the golden apple the only way to settle the conflict between the god these goddesses were to have a beauty contest. Prince Paris of Troy the most handsome mortal living on earth was asked to judge the beauty contest to see who deserved the golden apple. Each of the goddess offered a bribe: Hera promise all the kingdom of Asia, Athene promise victory in all battles and Aphrodite promise the love of the most beautiful woman in the world (web). Like most men Paris accepted the bribe from Aphrodite and she won the contest. As promise Aphrodite made the most beautiful woman therefore, Helen fall in love with Paris. Unfortunately, Helen was already married to the king of Sparta Menelaus. True to her word Paris was able to take Helen back to Troy with …show more content…
Menelaus furious that his wife was stolen from him. Hera and Athene still upset about not winning the golden apple saw Menelaus fury as an opportunity to punish Paris by destroy the city of Troy. Menelaus and his brother the powerful Agamemnon, king of Mycenae assembled an army ally from the mainland and islands. The Greeks army is formed, including Achilles he commands the Myrmidon soldiers; Achilles is known for being the most powerful warrior. Nestor king of Pylos the oldest commander known for his wisdom, Odysseus of Ithaca the cleverest among all the commanders, and Patroclus, Achilles beloved friend, companion and advisor (web). The brutal war last ten long years, like most wars, there was conflict among the Greeks. Agamemnon was the commander of the Greeks army, but he did not get along with temperamental Achilles the best fighter in the army. Achilles always had access to divine powers through his mother the goddess Thetis. Agamemnon insulted Achilles by asking him to return his war prize the maiden Briseis. Upset Achilles wish the tide of war turn against the Greeks his mother persuades Zeus to carry out her son wish (Higgins). Achilles withdraws from fighting. Hector brother of Paris son of king Priam is fighting this war to protect his wife and infant child is using this opportunity to slaughter the Greeks. The commanders

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