Essay on War I And World War II

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The world in the first half of the 19th century was largely dominated by multiple states in different regions around the world. Effectively, the distribution of power between these numerous states in the world initiated and sparked what became to be known as World War I and World War II. Shortly after the Second World War, the allocation of power in countries around the world became smaller and smaller as many states that were originally in the spotlight of the world faded into irrelevance. The result was two power hungry countries coming out of the pack, namely the United States and the Soviet Union. In a world ruled purely by two states, the Cold War allowed other countries in both the Western bloc and Eastern bloc to join each of the two superpowers. The formation of a bipolar system shaped the world into a period of stability and controlled the number of wars. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991, the world was in a significant shift in power as all the influence the USSR previously held was absorbed by the US, thus forming a unipolar world. To this day, the world is still in a unipolar system dominated by the US because of technological improvements, military strength, and economic growth. However, because China’s rate of economic growth is currently at a faster pace compared to the US, it is reasonable to assume that in twenty years the world will be a bipolar system comprised of China and the US. Seeing that military strength and economic growth are the main…

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