War and World Peace Essay

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Why We Never Need to Worry about World Peace

World Peace is something that will never happen. Too many countries have too much military power and don't want to give in to any other country. War is something that the world is going to have to deal with because there has been very few years over the history of the world that have been war free. Like one quote by an unknown author says, "Peace is rare: less than 8% of the time since the beginning of recorded time has the world been entirely at peace. In a total of 3530 years, 286 have been warless. Eight thousand treaties have been broken in this time."

Albert Einstein, born on March 14, 1879 is one of the most influential people of the modern era. (Einstein) As a physicist he changed
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The nuclear tests were conducted on an intermittent basis in groups called "operations" or "test series." Each was conducted in a distinct operation and totally separate from all other operations. The first nuclear test was done in Alamagordo, New Mexico in 1945, it was called Trinity and one bomb was tested. The biggest non-underground one was from 1962-1963 at the Nevada Test Site at the Nellis Air Force Range. It was called Storax, and 56 bombs were tested. In 1963 they started underground testing. Operation Nougat was the first underground test series. So with all of that testing it wouldn't surprise me, if there was a third world war, that it would send us back in time or even totally demolished the world to the point that it is no more. (Gallery of U.S. Nuclear Tests)

Billy Graham was born on November 7,1918, near Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1947 Graham became the president of Northwestern Schools in Minneapolis. In the next ten years Graham held evangelistic campaigns in all major U.S. cities and a series of rallies in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. Graham always had an interest in education and training Christians in the methods of evangelism. As his fame increased, he, his wife, Cliff Barrows, Grady Wilson, and George Wilson incorporated the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). In 1962 the BGEA began to investigate the possibility of holding seminars in combination with

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