What Are Walt Disney's Contributions To American Culture

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The Walt Disney studios have have had a large presence in american culture since the late 1930’s. Regarded as a Cultural Icon, the accomplishments of Walt Disney live on today. His contributions to the entertainment industry in America were like no other. Disney studios was the most active studio in Hollywood during and after the second world war. Walt Disney was a patriotic man with a strong desire to serve his country in both first and second World Wars. Although he would never serve in active duty his animations contributed to military training, propaganda and education. As an artist, Walt used his creations to promote the American culture he believed in so strongly. Victory through Airpower, and The New Spirit were both created to enforce cultural and boost public opinion on war needs. Disney continued to voice his political views through his iconic character Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Walt Disney used his position as the most influential person in american entertainment and culture to reinforce the American dream and American ideals.

Walt disney was born on December 5th 1901 in Chicago illinois. Best known for his work in animation, Walt achieved legendary success that continues today. As a young child, Walt was constantly moving around the Midwest with his siblings and parents.
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The mickey mouse animation is considered to be the foundation of disney studios and their empire. Walt 's goal was to have mickey symbolize the everyday American. Many close friends of the disney family would comment that Mickey seemed to act as walt 's personal alter-ego. In many animations the peppy mouse can be seen overcoming hardships demonstrating bravery and exhibiting patriotism. Shortly after the birth of mickey mouse came the rest of the fab five; Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daffy and Pluto. Each character played a crucial role in portraying to the public the benefits of being an

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