Walt Disney : An Impeccable Man With A Vision Essay

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Walt Disney was an impeccable man with a vision that would live on forever. He was never deterred by skeptics and eventually pushed through tough times to create one of the most successful business organizations in the world. He was always a doer and followed his dreams to any extent. Walt has many famous quotes but he once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”(sourceofinsight). This man was a fantastic individual with the drive and determination to make his dreams a reality. He ultimately wanted to create happiness for others through his characters and the magical lands in which they live (disneyinstitute).
Walt certainly achieved what he had planned and fought for throughout the years. His company has grown above and beyond what he probably expected. Initially the company was founded by Walt and his brother Roy and known as Walt Disney Productions. At the time of Mickey’s conception and popularity boom, cartoon shorts were all silent. Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse was the breakout point of Walt’s success. He received raving reviews and people thought that cartoon film with sound synced within it was truly revolutionary. Walt’s character Mickey Mouse showed the true genius behind the character. While it is fact that animation partner Ub Iwerks actually sketched the physical appearance of Mickey, Walt gave him his soul (forbes). This “soul” that Walt infused into Mickey would help carry the company and extend…

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