Walmart Essay

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Assessment of Walmart’s Csr Issues
Janette Washington
Strayer University
Eco 550
Dr. Hassan
Aug.6, 2011

Wal-Mart, the world largest and most successful corporation, also has the unflattering reputation of being so uncaring that it now symbolizes corporate social irresponsibility in the eyes of many Americans. How did the most powerful company become admired as well as feared and despised? Using the company's marketing strategy as a basis for analysis, the current study argues that Wal-Mart's problems with its own employees are not just perceptual but fundamentally due to the company's targeting and positioning choice: the delivery of always low prices to customers has meant that such stakeholder groups as employees have had to be
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Industry Social Concerns The relationship between society and business is one where each benefits from the other. “Social responsibility requires companies to balance the benefits to be gain against the costs of achieving those benefits” (Lawrence & Weber, 2008). There are many who think that both society and businesses gain when businesses engage in socially responsible acts; there are also those who think it weakens a business’s ability to compete in the business world. Common social concerns reported in various CSR reports included standards for suppliers, responsible sourcing, giving back to the community, customers and employees. The retail industry has suffered greatly in the past especially the apparel sectors with regards to the manner in which suppliers run their businesses. Since many companies have been put on the spot for working with suppliers that have inhumane working conditions and no respect for the environment; companies are now setting standards that must be met or heavy consequences will be faced. Suppliers are now required to provide safe and humane working conditions, set better working hours, pay all employees their wages, eliminate child labor in their business, take better care of the surrounding environment and help their communities. Companies are now being asked to trace their products all the way back to the manufacturer and their sources; this has caused some companies some grief but has made

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