Walmart Essay

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Walmart Manages Ethics and Compliance Challenges
Sanelesia Hawkins
West Georgia Technical College

Despite its financial success and international proliferation, Walmart and its business practices have generated controversy and divided public opinion. Supporters praise Walmart’s sales of needed household items and groceries at relatively low prices, while critics condemn the corporation’s generally low wages paid to employees and its tendency, as a big-box retailer, to put small, community-based stores out of business. As a result, Walmart is often the subject of intense social and political debates pertaining to capitalistic practices and ethical treatment of workers. Another major criticism of the company pertains to its
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In fact page 416 of the textbook states “By 2012 Walmart had 115 onsite rooftop solar installations in seven countries providing 71 million annual kilowatt hours of electricity. They completed 26 fuel cell installations in the US, providing 65 million kilowatts hours of annual electricity, and are testing micro-wind and solar water heating projects in various locations. To measure the sustainability of Walmart products and suppliers, Walmart launched it Sustainability Index. The Sustainability Index launched in 2000 in collaboration with The Sustainability Consortium or TSC, the Index helps retailers and their suppliers: Improve the sustainability of the products customers love, Integrate sustainability into the business of buying and selling merchandise, Reduce cost, improve product quality and create a more resilient supply chain, and Strengthen customers’ trust in retailers and the brands they carry. Walmart even went to the extent in converting 1.2 million pounds of used cooking oil into biodiesel, soap, and supplements for cattle feed as well as composting over 1,900 metric tons of organic waste. So basically, Walmart is doing a lot to become more sustainable now and for the future. Now when it comes to ethical issues and concerns with Walmart I’m not so agreeable with them. Walmart is trying to rebuild its reputation on ethics but it’s going to take a lot more than forming a Global ethics office to bring me to trust them

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