Walmart : The Dark Side Of Walmart Essays

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The Dark side of Walmart

“Save money, live better,” The slogan that stays long in any Walmart visiting customer’s mind, mostly because it is true to an extent. Walmart is outrageously famous for selling large variety of products at low prices. This asset has made Walmart the go to store for any and all because who balks at low prices? Surely not the common middle class or even poor american consumer who has to buy all the necessary products and whose weekly grocery bill needs to be in an affordable budget range. What’s more is that Walmart also saves time for the average customer by offering wide variety of products so all the shopping can be done in one trip to only one store. While all these are profitable and useful upsides to Walmart, there is also a quite a few serious downsides to Walmart 's success, much of it owing to its various unethical practices.
Description of Walmart 's unethical actions
Unlike Walmart, Many corporations have various stakeholder demands in mind while forming strategic decisions, while Walmart 's only goal is to make profits, whatever it takes to make it. For years, Walmart has set low employment wages to cut costs despite rampant criticisms from economist and lobbying of unions, but just in 2015 due to falling sells for five straight quarters, it decided to raise employee wages and experienced in early 2016, increased customer service ratings of 75% and rising sales (Irwin, 2016). Though this amount of goodwill is much appreciated after…

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