Walmart Part3 Essay

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Part 3
QUESTION 1: How does managerial planning for Project Impact take place at different levels within the organization? A plan is a blueprint for goal achievement and specifies the necessary resource allocations, schedules, tasks, and other actions. Planning means identifying goals for future organizational performance and deciding on the tasks and use of resources needed to attain them. In other words, managerial planning defines where the organization wants to be in the future and how to get there. (New Era of Management Richard L. Daft 10th edition)

As how it shown on the figure above, there are four levels of goals and plans, namely mission statement, strategic goals and plans, tactical goals and plans as well as
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Relating to the case of Walmart, Walmart started its organizational planning at company level by establishing a mission statement sounds “Save money, live better” which intend to help its customers to save their money so that they can live a better life. Moving down to the second level of the goal hierarchy is the strategic goals and plans. Although they are at second level, they are still company level goals and plans which are responsible by the top level managers. Strategic goals, sometimes called official goals, are broad statement describing where the organization wants to be in the future whereas strategic plans define the action steps by which the company intends to attain strategic goals. Aligning with the mission, Walmart set a strategic goal of improving the Walmart shopping experience and increase sales. To achieve this goal, Walmart established a strategic plan named “Project Impact”. It is a remodeling effort of Walmart stores nationwide. In this project, Walmart stores got an extreme makeover. The store aisles are wider, and the new color palette is vibrant. Assortments are tidy, and merchandise is marked with bigger, bolder signage. Towering shelves are gone and so are associates’ old blue smocks. The third level of the goal hierarchy is a divisional level of

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