Walmart Is Doing More Sustainable? Justify Your Answer Essay

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1. Do you think Walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable? Justify your answer. Walmart has had some problems in the past as far as employees relations and payment of employees which they have rectified. All companies They have to be able to make necessary changes when it has been bought their attention that they 're not behaving in the best interest of their employees. Walmart has had to been taken to court based on the fact that they 're rigid believes and they had to be proven that their Bridget believes one wrong and order for them to make the necessary changes. They could become a sustainable force to be reckoned with a fan only if that when something is but to their attention instead of being sued that they would make the necessary changes at adjustments without actually going through a lawsuit therefore they would have more money for their stockholders other than give more money to their employees and lawyer fees so they need to cut down on the lawsuit. So at this time they are not sub stay in a bowl because they have not understood that constantly being sued is taking their brand and is her in there stockholders bottom line because they 're making David have to pay out to lawyer law firms and settlements because of the fact of the original sand in some cases they didn 't even settle out they had a judgement put against them.
2. What are the ethical issues Walmart has faced? Briefly describe at least four examples. when of their ethical issues is…

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