Essay about Walkers Appeal Book Review

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Walker’s Appeal:
Book Analysis

Walker's Appeal was an desperate cry and plan to awaken others blacks in America to the evils of the so-called Christian whites that were mistreating them. The appeal was actually called Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World. The appeal lifted the veil of injustice and tyranny covered so long by the blacks in America who had became servile and mentally dead. It was an emotionally centered, powerful antislavery pamphlet published by David Walker in September 1829 and sparsely allocated across the South. Although Walker himself was born free, taking the legal rank of his mother, he was deeply troubled by the slave status of his father. His father was born subjected, and enslaved by whites and died
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David walker Moved to Boston where he wrote for Freedom’s Journal- Early black newspaper from New York City. “The Blacks or Colored People are treated more cruel by the white Christians of America, than devils themselves ever treated a set of men, women and children on this earth"(pg.12). His Appeal was indisputable and based on historical evidence. In the book, Mr. Walker compares the slavery of blacks in America to the bondage inflicted by pharaoh to the Israelites, the slavery of the Romans and the Spartans saying it was in no way near as sick and wickedly orchestrated as slavery in America. Nonetheless since the history is commonly used as a weapon for self-defense and in this case, to awaken the colored people in which the author is trying to awake. With that being said, the author often refers to history to prove the wrongfulness and hypocritical nature of those who enslave blacks in America. His aim was to have all his “brethren”, rise up and fight against slaveholders and farmers. Walker called for vengeance against white men, but he also expressed the hope that their cruel behavior toward blacks would change, making vengeance unnecessary. His message to the slaves was straight to the point and purposefully proclaiming if they were not given liberty, then should take action and

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