Wal Mart 's Principles And Values Essay example

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Wal-Mart is one of the largest companies in the world. Wal-Mart has stores in twenty-eight countries and employees 2.2 million associates. In Fortune 500, Wal-Mart is ranked #1 in net sales with 482.2 billion dollars in 2014. However, in a recent article “Wal-Mart Midlife Crisis” Anthony Bianco points out that Wal-Mart is showing signs of fatigue and stress with only a 2% growth average in recent years. Whereas other competitors have increased five times Wal-Marts meager rate. It is no surprise that Wal-Mart is showing signs of fatigue and stress with the nonstop pessimistic publicity of unethical working conditions and a myriad of lawsuits. With single digit growth and increase media, Wal-Mart is revamping its marketing approach by applying holistic marketing strategies to rebrand themselves. Wal-Mart is overcoming its mid-life crisis by reestablishing the company 's principles and values by using modern marketing strategies.
In chapter 1 slide 22, Wal-Mart adopted internal marketing strategy activities within the company to strengthen employee value. Internal Marketing is the task of hiring, training and motivating able employees who want to serve customers well. Wal-Mart has done so by offering higher wages, lower health care insurance plans and offering career growth. CEO of Wal-Mart Doug McMillon “Today, we’re announcing a package of changes in Walmart U.S. that will kick off a new approach to our jobs. We’re pursuing comprehensive changes to our hiring, training,…

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