Wal-Mart You Have Choice Analysis

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Wal-Mart You Have Choice

Sam Walton said:"…we 'll lower the cost of living for everyone, not just in America, but we 'll give the world an opportunity to see what it 's like to save and have a better lifestyle, a better life for all. We 're proud of what we 've accomplished; we 've just begun. To answer the question if Wal-Mart is good or bad, I have decided to use a strictly business/economic standpoint which in my opinion, they are doing things correctly. It shows me that if you have a vision and a solid business plan and learn through trial and error you can achieve anything. I will show the critics of Wal-Mart that it is a choice and not “Big Bad Wal-Mart”
Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in America, and small is not as viable in this
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They have 2,000,000 of them, and are the biggest employer in the world. (Statistic Brain, 2014), The majority of these employees are entry level, and they are given the opportunity to learn new skills and advance, at one of the largest corporations in the world. Wal-Mart is also available for employees looking for something transitional between jobs, and they hire those with disabilities and the elderly. I have seen how proud those with disabilities are to be working at Wal-Mart and to have a job. Wal-Mart’s wages are higher than other entry level positions in my community. I feel that if we did not have a Wal-Mart in our community I do not know where these entry level employees would find work. My opinion for the critics, is that no one is forcing them to work there or not to further their education, if they want to advance in life they need to make a choice. The critics in my opinion treat it as if it was slave labor and it is not. During a transitional period I worked at Wal-Mart and was actually impressed with how efficiently they operated, they seemed to have researched and found the cause and effect for potential problems, and had the correct process and procedures in place for solving it. It is also my opinion, that increasing employee wages does not make them a better employee. Working for Wal-Mart is a stepping stone in the right direction for workers with low …show more content…
I would also make sure that customer service and after the sale service were superior. I would also take a look at my efficiencies and try to figure out where I was not efficient, to help increase profitability. I do understand as a small business, I could not compete with Wal-Mart’s bulk pricing, in turn I would need to make my business more specialized or boutique-like for the consumer. Another feasible option to look at would be restaurants, as studies have shown, restaurants and specialized stores revenues increase in towns where a Wal-Mart store decided to locate. (Stone, Artz, & Myles) Wal-Mart is good for your small business is you are complimentary and not

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