Vulnerable Population Essay

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Vulnerable Population Paper
The vulnerable population chosen for this paper is Haitian immigrants. Topics of discussion will include description of the population, significant problems related to their vulnerability, related health and social problems, an evaluation of adequant of current strategies to break the cycle of vulnerability, ethical implications of current strategies, and proposed community and public health nursing interventions in roles of manager, advocate, teacher, caregiver and researcher.

Description of the Selected Population

Significance of Problems Related to its Vulnerability, Local and National Statistics (if relevant)

Related Health and Social Problems For centuries people have migrated to
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Miami, Fl. Is the city with the second highest HIV/AIDS rate in the U.S. at 49.4%. It’s no wonder that so many Haitians flee the island to get to the United States for a better way of life for themselves and their families. Many immigrants flee the island in hopes of reaching the U.S. and getting assistance from the government for healthcare for themselves and their children. They hope to raise their children in the “Land of Opportunity,” where they can get an education, have a normal life and benefit from the abundance of advantages that the U.S. has to offer. These are hopes that immigrants migrate to the U.S. for themselves and their loved ones. With these hopes come many cultures, beliefs and diseases into the U.S. Researchers have many different theories on how many different diseases came to America from other countries by way of immigrants. Some hold truth and some are simply theories (a hypothesis, an idea).

Haitians believe that illnesses can be of supernatural origins. They tend to specialize in herbal and holistic remedies as oppose to seeing a physician. That belief combined with high illiteracy rates and poverty leads to higher rates of infection and deaths. Most Haitians speak Creole (a dialect) and the educated speak French. Some Haitians (the uneducated) will indicate agreement (shaking their head

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