Vulgar Language In The Catcher In The Rye By J. D. Salinger

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J.D. Salinger includes vulgar language frequently throughout his novel. This is one complaint and issue that The Catcher in the Rye receives numerous amounts of times. Throughout the whole book, the main character, Holden, uses profanity quite often. For example, Holden uses language such as "damn", "crap", "ass", and "hell". These words are not entirely the most vulgar words, but Holden is very repetitive with them which makes them lose their meaning. The book also uses the work “f***” which is a word that should not be used in a novel. Therefore, this inadequate language creates a bad influence on the readers and can offend anyone easily. Language like this can also give a bad reputation to the author and the book. Because the use of vulgarity in the novel, readers often consider this a “red flag” and want to ban the book because of the inappropriate language use. In the book, there are many quotes that contain the usage of different swear words. …show more content…
Salinger is a well-known author that wrote The Catcher in the Rye. J.D. Salinger was a writer that shunned all public attention and didn’t want to be famous for his many literature accomplishments (Bloom’s Literature 1). This is because he was very reticent in talking about himself and the work that was very successful. Because of this, his writing revolves around expressive power of speech through characters of young adolescents. J.D. Salinger also was a part of the military and traveled around the world to fulfill his duties (Bloom’s Literature 3). He wrote many different stories throughout his military time; The Catcher in the Rye contains some of his wartime experiences during parts of the story. Because of the numerous amounts of books he wrote many became many published such as, The Young Folks, The Long Debut of Lois Taggett, Personal Notes of an Infantryman, The Varioni Brothers, Elaine, This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise, I’m Crazy, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, and The Catcher in the

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