Volcano Informative Speech

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Yellowstone Volcano
I am covering the Yellowstone National Park Volcano to tell you the possible, but not likely dangers of this volcano. Yellowstone can be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world these days. Not for the eruptions in the past thousand years, but for the eruptions in the recent history of the universe. The universe is 14 billon years old and the earth is 4.5 billon years old. That would make the Yellowstone eruptions relativity young compared to the age of the Earth. There is no telling when the volcano could erupt in the future, if it even erupts at all. If it erupts, it could be a mega volcano that could destroy a third of the continental United States. If it does not erupt we will all still be wondering
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Mount Vesuvius- Probably the most famous Volcano, in the fact that it obliterated Pompeii. Could in the fact be the most dangerous as in the amount of people that are in range of Vesuvius. Vesuvius is the only European volcano that erupted in the Common Era. It is in one of the most densely populated places in the whole world. The population surrounding the volcano is close to 3 million (Wikipedia, Vesuvius). It last exploded in 79 Common Era (Wikipedia, Vesuvius). The volcano was formed because of the collision of the African and Eurasian plates. Its most recent eruption was in 1944 and probably will erupt again because of the amount of times it has erupted in recent memory. In the most deadly eruption in 79 Common Era 16 thousand people died (Wikipedia, Vesuvius). This is probably one of the most active Volcanoes in the world. May well erupt before there is even time to evacuate the towns and cities nearby. Plus it has the ability to explode to well over 2000 miles away (Wikipedia, …show more content…
Its range extends all the way up to Canada, down to Mexico, over to Mississippi, and over to California. I do think the government at this moment has any way of protection against the probability of another eruption. Most of the people in this area would have to flee to another country south of Mexico. That would be a pain to try to get everyone to leave. Most people would be conspicuous of the sudden turn of events and would not leave their homes. While in other countries they might leave, but due to the change of attitude in the United States of America they would have second thoughts. Most likely the eruption would leave enough time for people to move away from the detention area. What if they did not have a chance to flee and instead got slaughtered by lava, ash, and mudslides. There has to be another way to defend against Yellowstone. The least we can do is but barriers up to stop the lava flow from destroying parts of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. If a huge eruption happened again, similar to three big explosions over the last two million years, he says that the eruption would obliterate the surroundings within a radius of over 100 miles and cover the rest of the United States and Canada with multiple inches of ash (Steiber). There is nothing we can do to prevent the eruption of Yellowstone. Only monitor and observe and volcanic activity occurring. There is no way we

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