Essay on Visual, Performance And Wellness

1429 Words Aug 17th, 2016 null Page
The Arts in its various forms (visual, performance and wellness) have long been believed to have transformational capabilities. The subject has always been lauded for the positive effects it has had and continues to have on those who have been actively exposed to it. Scholars, practitioners, researchers, educators and a host of other individuals would soon realize this positive impact and seek to implement it into the school curriculum to see if the same ‘transformational’ qualities could be applied to student achievement and development. Over two decades of research and studies have uncovered that the Arts do in fact have strong public support and has made considerable strides in the arena of student learning and encouraging a scholar’s attitudes toward school. These studies generally agree that Art is not only vital to making the education provided for students well rounded but is also a critical first step in adding that ‘element’ that might be missing from public education.
Despite its many successes, the addition of Arts to schools in certain areas, in particular urban communities have met obstacles that have made the case for Arts in schools a hard one to justify or prove. Recent budget cuts have forced public schools in these areas to get rid of the Arts to make the available funds, sufficient. Accommodating mandatory yet unfunded policies like the No Child Left Behind Act has forced administrators and decision makers in many school districts to apply funding cuts to…

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