Essay on Visual Inventory : Design Analysis

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Description Visual Inventory: In the work there are the following images:

A girl in a book and mirror, one cup with pearls, one regular cup, paint, time watch, timer, calendar, fabric, makeup, perfume, pears, pomegranate seeds,picture of children, and a burning candle

II. Design Analysis:

Visual Elements:

The spacing in this piece is mostly altogether, then being spaced out, nor does this piece have a lot of extra space. The foreground to the viewers are the pears, sand time watch, scales cloth and the cups. The middle ground would be taking place by the pictures of Marylin, the pomegranate seeds, lipstick, hand watch, and the candle being lit. The background has less than the rest of the areas, cause all it had is the purple cloth, rose and the grapes. The spacing in this looks like it is trying to show a story line from her childhood by showing the cup, pears, and sand time. To show the rose, and the burning fire. The colors used in this piece are more a little everywhere. One color that is seen a lot is the color red, or scarlet. This color is used on the candle, rose, the fabric, and the small paint, but then we have the intermediate color of purple. The purple isn 't used as much, but it is in the background of this picture. Then we have the light greens on the grapes and the pears. There are also small colors like the pomegranate seeds being orange and the picture being black and white. The texture is my favorite part of this whole piece. In the text you can…

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