How Did Frank Lloyd Wright Influence On Graphic Design

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Sean Marcano
4 April 2016
History of Graphic Design
Formal Writing: Designer Biography

The innovative genius of Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) has influenced the development of architecture and modern graphic design in immense and subtle ways. Frank Lloyd Wright should be given more credit for his influence on graphic design not only from his several digital designs but through his fine arts work as well, because of his unique style of experimenting with nature in his design and architectural background. His creative style brings life to the straightest, strong, and bold structures.
Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and designer. Much of his early life was used traveling living in multiple cities and very nomadic. He lived with
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Much of his work his very modern in terms of innovation and ingenuity and hard to copy. Frank Lloyd Wright designed building are very distinguishable. “His effort to create a “new” architecture, along with his views on materials, layout, form, function and the relationship between the whole, its parts and the environment can inspire us to rethink the way we approach our digital design work and even push the medium into new and exciting territories.” (Kent 1) Frank Lloyd Wright designed the prairie houses and Martin House in Buffalo. His work is very involved in nature and cautious about space in nature, they have a lot of space for plant life and tree growth right through the architecture in some cases or in the center. His organic style has helped artists like Charles Mackintosh with the Glasgow school. Frank Lloyd Wright has helped progress graphic design in a plethora of ways.
Frank Lloyd Wright deisgn more than just buildings. Of Crouse it was sketching of architecture a lot of notes can be taken from his work as a designer. Space being one of them and architects use of organic styles not only with materials
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