Visual Aspects Of The Graphic Design Essay

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As a creative-minded person, I enjoy viewing the world through all its visual aspects. Whether the things I notice are inanimate objects or breathing beings, I take locations, mediums, and other minute details into consideration when committing them to memory. I think as an up and coming media artist it is important to utilize your surroundings with your creations. The details that I notice may inspire me in my own personal works as well as those that I create for others. Everyday experiences influence the style and techniques I chose to include or experiment within my works. The process of semiotics is constantly in practice as I explore and study the world around me.
As for the few works that I have made regarding my major of graphic design, it is often difficult to create a design that both showcases my desired style as well as the preferences of the client’s. Creative liberties are something that needs to be addressed when consulting a possible design opportunity. To have complete control over a design’s aspects, either a client’s ideal outcome must be in your style or you must be highly established in which you are personally sought out for your specific design style. Until I can find myself in one of those positions I will have to combine what appeals to me with what is desired from the other source. This is where semiotics can come in handy to produce successful designs and understand how to undergo projects that might not be in favor of the designer. I have had…

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