Visiting Broadway And Whittier Blvd Essay

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There are many outlets in which officials can gain the ability to scrutinize, regulate, and influence every action and behavior one makes therefore allowing surveillance to greatly affect the use of public space by standardizing who, when and where protests, art and many other social activities can occur. Visiting Broadway and Whittier Blvd. in Los Angeles gave me a broader view of how this urban space has been used to illustrate important events of Chicano community members.
On my commute to downtown Los Angeles I experienced different emotions and visuals that defined the entrance into this urban space. From the moment I entered I noticed the heavy traffic that had to be endured. The drastic amount of traffic was very upsetting and made me realize how community members were forced to tolerate this traffic every day. Besides the traffic I also realized the changes in the streets. They were a lot narrower and most were one way streets. In comparison to the valley where you see wide two way streets, the structure of the lanes made it very uninviting. Due to Los Angeles being a foreign part of California to myself, walking about made me feel a bit uncomfortable and unsafe however as I became familiar with the area I came to truly appreciate the architect and the people around. Among the streets there were many stores and concession stands where people sold all sorts of knickknacks, highlighting the business aspect of this space.
The streets of Los Angeles are marked by the…

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