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VMPS Facts
What is the Virginia Mason Production System?
The Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) is a management method that seeks to continually improve how work is done so there are zero defects in the final product. Using this method, Virginia Mason (VM) identifies and eliminates waste and inefficiency in the many processes that are part of the health care experience, making it possible for VM staff to deliver the highest quality and safest patient care. By streamlining repetitive and low-touch aspects of care delivery, staff members are freed to spend more time talking with, listening to and treating patients. VMPS is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), a manufacturing approach Toyota has used for more than 50 years to
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Patient safety at VM has increased, and medical claims have dropped thanks to the PSA system. VMPS principles are used in all areas of the organization, not just in the clinical setting. In 2002, the Finance Department began using VMPS methods to address outstanding revenue (revenue owed to the organization that had not been paid in a timely manner). By using VMPS tools, the medical center has seen marked improvement in Days Revenue Outstanding (DRO). The team improved DRO in the clinic from 52.3 in 2003 to 30.2 in 2010 and in the hospital from 66.5 in 2003 to 41.9 in 2010. Cash deposits improved from $471 million in 2003 to $746 million in 2010.

Getting Back to Nursing

Express Treatment in the Emergency Department

Emergency departments (ED) are a major entry point for hospitals and can be a bottleneck. Using VMPS tools, the VM ED team learned to predict appropriate staffing levels for patient flows in the ED and times of greatest demand for hospital beds. The ED team also implemented “team sort,” which is a process using standard clinical assessment tools to quickly identify and sort patients. Those requiring minimal services receive express treatment and are discharged without going to the patient-care beds. This creates capacity for patients who require more extensive services by better matching patient need to resources provided. Through this

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