Violent Video Games And The Media Essay

1075 Words Dec 6th, 2015 5 Pages
Society has often portrayed violence as a harmful and negative action in the world. They often believe that violence in video games, the media and cinema are the main reasons why youth, today, are becoming more violent and aggressive. In today’s society, people are often watching the television, playing games on their phones/consoles or watching movies in the cinema. Most of these daily entertainments are now filled with some sort of violence which causes society to blame a lot of youth that are becoming more violent on video games and the media. The topic of whether violence in video games and the media are the cause of uprising violent and aggressive youth in today’s society has been debated a lot. However, further studies shows that people become more violent by their own individual personalities and how they perceive the action being shown by media. In today’s society, around 67% of parents agrees that violent video games is the cause of increasing violent behaviors in youth. Many states tries to ban violent video games, but states such as California could not ban it because there was no evidence that video games cause an increase in aggressiveness in youth in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. Many studies have been done, but the results varies due the factors of the people involved, when it was done and where is it looked at. These studies makes one wonder if there is an actual link between increasing violent youth and violence in video games and the…

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