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The Villains of All Nations is book written by Marcus Rediker that follows the origins of the pirate boom before and after the War of Spanish Succession. The book covers infamous pirates like Bartholomew Roberts, William Fly, and Edward Teach also known as Blackbeard.It discusses the grim environment of working the seas for the government, what lead many people to turn to piracy, the tale of the first women pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, how piracy impacted slavery, the pirates bonds of

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As Im progressing through the book the reading tended to get more and more bias towards the pirate way of living. Rediker paints a portrait in my mind that all pirates were honest but misused laborers and that only issued their brand of justice towards those who manipulated their power towards those less then them, although true, as Im reading I had to remind myself that not all pirates were high and mighty and there were certain pirates who who terrorized those who were in a similar position before they became pirates. For all the examples the author provides Redikers writing is very vague towards the darker side of piracy and doesn't provide enough background information from those innocents whose life suffered from acts pirates committed.
The book itself to me was not my cup of tea. Nothing from the reading blew my mind. For example, if I never picked up the book and some who did read it presented facts that person learned from the reading nothing would have caught me off guard or have surprised me about the life of the pirates I didn't already know.
Now because I didn't find a majority of the book enjoyable and honestly just felt like required reading, there were actually a few stories that I found to be intriguing. One of the bits that I found insightful was the establishment of a pirate crew. I found that because of the majority of pirates from that era came from similar backgrounds they drafted a code
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