The Influence Of Loyalism In America

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Milestone Three Britain was viewed by loyalists as their protector of both lands and economy. The British military protected the borders of the Americas and the shipping routes on which they used for trading. The belief that " Agriculture, commerce and industry would resume their wonted vigor"(Inglis, 1776, p. 3). could not continue if the rebellion continued. Boasting the largest navy Britain established and protected trade routes throughout the world was what many believed is what the continent needed to flourish. The pragmatic view of cost alone of providing their own protection was viewed to justify the taxes that were imposed by parliament as being more cost effective. Inglis stated " The protection of our trade while connected with Britain will not cost a fiftieth part of what it must cost were we …show more content…
The opposing views from patriot leaders were that Britain only protected the Americas for it 's own benefit not that of the country itself, and the fear that Britains enemy 's could one day be their own(Paine, 1776). Loyalists did not see the same worry as Britain had defended the Americas successfully many times before. After removing french and Indian controlled areas ,allowing expansion of the colonies westward providing more land to the colonists(Hewitt & Lawson, 2016)
Loyalists did not want bloodshed and the destruction that was inevitable in war. The fear of British repercussions and punishments for the rebellion and minimal chance of defeating such a large military force weighed heavily on loyalists, as did the looming threat of loss of property and livelihood. Inglis statement " My most ardent wish - next to future happiness - is to see tranquility restored to America - our

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