Vidoe Mining Essay

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Video Data Mining
JungHwan Oh University of Texas at Arlington, USA JeongKyu Lee University of Texas at Arlington, USA Sae Hwang University of Texas at Arlington, USA


Data mining, which is defined as the process of extracting previously unknown knowledge and detecting interesting patterns from a massive set of data, has been an active research area. As a result, several commercial products and research prototypes are available nowadays. However, most of these studies have focused on corporate data — typically in an alpha-numeric database, and relatively less work has been pursued for the mining of multimedia data (Zaïane, Han, & Zhu, 2000). Digital multimedia differs from previous forms of combined media in that
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Image processing has been around for some time. Images include maps, geological structures, biological structures, and many other entities. We have image processing applications in various domains including medical imaging for cancer detection, and processing satellite images for space and intelligence applications. Image processing has dealt with areas such as detecting abnormal patterns that deviate from the norm, and retrieving images by content (Thuraisingham, Clifton, Maurer, & Ceruti, 2001). The questions here are: what is image data mining and how does it differ from image processing? We can say that while image processing is focused on manipulating and analyzing images, image data mining is about finding useful patterns. Therefore, image data mining deals with making associations between different images from large image databases. One area of researches for image data mining is to detect unusual features. Its approach is to develop templates that generate several rules about the images, and apply the data mining tools to see if unusual patterns can be obtained. Note that detecting unusual patterns is not the only outcome of image mining; that is just the beginning. Since image data mining is an immature technology, researchers are continuing to develop techniques to classify, cluster, and associate images (Goh, Chang, & Cheng, 2001; Li, Li, Zhu, & Ogihara, 2002;

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