Sexual Double Standard Essay

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In “The Sexual Double Standard and Adolescent Peer Acceptance” (2009), Derek A. Kreager and Jeremy Staff research the sexual double standard by measuring the social status of the sexually permissive youth. They came up with the hypothesis that sexual behaviors affect peer status and that gender and socioeconomic origin may influence this. Using a network approach with data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health’s first two student surveys. They evaluated report numbers of lifetime sexual partners, involvement in “nonromantic” sexual relationships, extracurricular participation, academic ability and performance, violence, alcohol abuse, and how long the students have been at that school when researching the association between sexual behavior and peer acceptance.
Kreager and Staff
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This created a society where women were expected to be sexually passive and men were expected to be sexually available. The above texts explore how the feminization of love has impacted both male and female sexuality because through it, gender expectations were established. Cancian explained how the feminization of love invalidates the capability of a man to love while also oppressing women to primarily be defined by who and how they love. Allison and Risman found that both men and women who engage in casual sex frequently are disrespected and perceived negatively, but differently depending on the gender, religious affiliation, and what social institutions they are involved in, specifically athletics and Greek organizations. However, Sweeney evaluated how the concept of “player masculinity” −which is a result of the feminization of love because through it men are supposed to be emotionally reserved and sexual creatures− has made the sexual stigmatization of women more prominent, but has also created dilemmas for men to maintain this standard of

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