Video Games : Violence And Violence Essay

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Violence in video games has grown worse over the years, and the general public is uneasy with the amount of savagery in video games. Video games are becoming more realistic, and the amount of detail that goes into murdering people is becoming disturbingly lifelike. Players of these video games engage in all sorts of vicious acts for many consecutive hours, and that notion makes me question if all that exposure to violence has any substantial effects on the players. As someone who has played some rather violent video games, this topic was incredibly thought-provoking and caused me to possibly suspect that somehow even I might have been affected negatively by these frightening games. The core issue that I would like to decipher is if violent video games have the power to desensitize players and increase aggression.
Firstly, in order to obtain knowledge on both sides of the issue, whether violent video games do or do not increase aggression and desensitize players, I thoroughly looked through the database Opposing Viewpoints in Context and found many resources on violent videogames. Many of the articles listed had all sorts of opinions, however I choose both viewpoints in order to gain a better understanding about this topic. The first article that stood out to me was titled “Violent Video Games Promote Antisocial Behaviors”. In this article, Jack Flanagan, a science and technology journalist, suggests that violent video games do instigate an undesirable change in behavior. As…

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