Video Games Should Not Be Banned Essay

791 Words Sep 30th, 2015 4 Pages
For ongoing years the complaint of many citizens that violent video games have a bad reputation for starting mass shootings, violence or any physical or mental harm to the youth the ages of 18 or younger. The youth that plays these violent video games labeled M rated or higher adults believe the games are rewarding the players with their aggressive behavior and violence towards others. Video Games are supposedly teaching children that violence is acceptable in real life situations. I on the other hand disagree that violent video games should not be banned because they do not cause harm and violence towards others, just a simple, fun and entertaining game for those who have time to waste away. Here are three different reasons for my claim: Video games sales have increased through the years but juvenile cases have decreased through the years, there are study shown that the youth that do play violent video games can see more positive effects when it comes to kindness and being civil to people and lastly even researchers disagree on whether media violence can lead the youth into bad situations and behavior. One thing that shocked me the most when doing this research was that video games sales have increased rapidly through the years which is not a surprise at all. Although the fact that with these video game increases the cases of juvenile crimes and cases have also decreased through the years. What 's absolutely astonishing is that 11.7 billion dollars were consumed in 2008…

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