Video Games And Violent Behavior Essay

1415 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Perhaps what can be intriguing is to understand is how violent games captivate our minds when we play them so that we can understand how they manifest the violent behavior in individuals. What is more real is the graphic content in these video games that when a gun appears and one is supposed to shoot during the game, it becomes so real that a person may want to get a real gun and shoot someone. For example, the teenager went on a rampage in the United States in 2013 and killed a man and two policemen after he admitted that he had been playing “Grand Theft Auto” video game for a month. Research has shown that those kids who are exposed to violent video games are likely to develop violent behavior compared to those who do not spend a lot of time playing the video games. According to an article by Alice Park, two children went on a rampage at their high school and engaged in shooting at the Columbine high school. The media pushed the inclinations that video games were the cause of violent to the kids, not to mention the Goth subculture that was attached to be part of the vices that contributed to the incidence at the school. As a result, this explains why violent video games should be banned because they are the cause of violence among the teens and why such destruction continues to increase.
According to an article by Beresin Eugene, teens and children are inundated with the electronic media. A survey that was conducted in 2012 for 1,102 adolescents revealed that that 97…

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