Video Games And The Real World Essay

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Most people have played video games since they were as young as five years old, video games have been a big part of their life. Video gaming has made most persons who they are today. Video games have helped them considerably in their social and work life. Video games assist everyone to make friends, and allowing to a common ground with others. Most people would otherwise miss to have anything in common with their friends. Video games enable one to meet new individuals and keep in touch with pals in other places of the world. The problems that video games have presented to some people have taught them how to evaluate the situation fast so they can react fast (Berg 123). Most individuals have learned a lot of casual facts when playing video games about the real situation. Most of the situations in video games are related to the real world and it is because of the replication of real life in video games that anyone knows how to react to a particular situation or accomplish a certain task suitably without really ever doing them before. Video games have many advantages to offer to everyone; they have been great to many people. It has been impeccably acceptable for decades to list some leisure activities on a resume such as poker, golf, and bridge. However, in the current world, some of the modern and digital pursuits like mine craft, World of War craft and fantasy baseball are listed on resume (Wolf 11).
Just like the Wall Street Journal lately noted, enthusiastic video gamers…

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